We Are The Leading SEO Agency In Kolkata

Having a website is not enough. You need to apply clever and effective marketing strategies to your online business to taste the gain. Without a reputable SEO agency beside you, success in online business would become like chasing a daydream.

ASKS Technologies is the best and leading SEO company in Kolkata, helping small to large scale online business owners in improving their SEO ranking. We are associated with the reputable and top brands in India, and all over the world, assuring to deliver the best ROI-driven result from search engine organic search.

No matter what kind of SEO services you are looking for, ASKS offers an array of services with exciting packages that will, for sure, sweep your feet off the ground. Our SEO strategies guarantees to secure a stable as well as the long-term online presence of our clients to drive the bulk of traffic to their websites and experience a great hike in their product/service sales.

Services We Offer

Digital Marketing

At ASKS Technologies, we boast of our effective and result-oriented digital marketing services including branding to email marketing. You will get everything under the same umbrella…

Web Design

We believe that the first impression your website holds on your customers is the final. Our team of expert and professional web design developers will rescue your website by breaking the shell of…

Web Development

With the help of agile technologies, our skilled and experienced web development professionals will turn every web page of your website suitable for your business purpose…

Content Writing

With generating quality and SEO-optimized content, we will help you in establishing the brand value and accelerate the growth of your online business…


SEO Services

At ASKS Technologies, our team of SEO professionals will provide you with diverse and dynamic SEO campaigns, data-analytics, to accelerate your on-page SEO, suitable to your marketing goals. We will fine-tune your sales with your business’s online presence.

Professional Training

ASKS holds the hands of the candidates looking for professional training in digital marketing and search-engine optimization…


Why Choose Us as your SEO Agency

  1. We are an experienced team, executing a range of SEO services for years, making our customers satisfied in the realm of digital marketing.
  2. We are relentlessly delivering guaranteed growth to our customer’s business, giving a boost to their website and business performance.
  3. Being one of the reputable SEO companies in Kolkata, we offer round the clock customer support service. Our efficient sales and purchase representatives will satisfy every pre-sale query of our customers.
  4. We keep ourselves updated about every latest fact of SEO and digital marketing, SEO algorithm, to provide our clients with the best results.
  5. Our SEO experts will provide ROI-driven SEO and digital marketing solutions to accelerate the growth of your business.
  6. Our customers may have doubts. They can reach to us through chat, email, phone call to clear their doubts.
  7. We have earned our reputation as an efficient SEO agency through the successfully handling executioned various SEO projects, working as a partner to several reputable brands in India and overseas.
  8. We offer SEO and digital marketing services with a range of pricing and packages. We allow our customers to choose the service according to your requirements and budget.

Why SEO Service Is Important To Grow A Business

You are running on loss, losing cash every day. Still, your website is not optimized, and this is hampering the overall growth of your business. This is where stands the advantages of hiring an SEO agency and availing of their SEO services. Whether you are a small business owner or run a large business enterprise, the countless benefits of SEO for the growth of your business will, for sure, blow your mind.

Check out the major advantages of Search Engine Optimization for the growth of your business and sales.

  • Studies have found nearly 93% online activities take place on a search engine. Many people, out there, are scouting around the internet for your products or services. Search engine Optimization brings your targeted audience to your store, helping in growing your sales and traffic.
  • With implementing effective SEO strategies in business, one can increase his sales, and leads within just 5-6 months.
  • While walking on the path of SEO, you do not need to go for the paid advertising. In fact, SEO would help you in getting back your money invested in paid advertisings.
  • SEO is an effective, well-proven, and long-term strategy to improve the website rankings, boost traffic, and ROI. It will not show result overnight, may take upto 6months. But, once, SEO take your website up to the high, it would be impossible for your competitors to beat you down.
  • When do conversions get hiked? When your brand awareness gets doubled and your brand value reaches to your customers. SEO helps in that. All the time, your customers may not want to buy your products. But, SEO helps them to become aware of your offerings.

Our SEO Service Includes

The SEO services we provide for business websites include the latest and scalable techniques that come with a high assurance to maximize the ROI and promote business growth. The following SEO services will give your business the maximum online exposure.

Keyword Research

We will help you in picking the keywords that will prove to be the most yielding for your online business. you can weave your content with those keywords.

On-page SEO

We will conduct On-Page SEO for your website, optimizing each and every webpage of it. This will help you in getting more and more traffic and rank higher in the search engines.

Recovery from penalties

Every year, countless websites get penalized by Google algorithm updates. The SEO expert team of ASKS TEchnologies helps those websites to recover from penalties.

Link building strategies

Link building is an essential part of a holistic search engine optimization strategy. We will help you in maximizing your website’s link building to boost the traffic.


We take pride in our SEO team’s expertise in amalgamating press release writing with marketing paper writing for the purpose of optimizing the search engines.

Content Marketing

Our content writing professionals will help you in promoting your business through effective, and SEO optimized blog writing, content generation, classified advertising, infographics creation, etc.

Interactive content and Infographics

Content is the heart of websites. Besides creating blogs and articles, our content writers show excellence in creating customer engaging infographic and interactive content. This will, for sure, boost your sales and business performance.

Social media promotion

No matter what your business deals with, national customers or international, it has to hold its place in the world of social media. We will guide you in promoting your business on various social media platforms, and how to reach out for your targeted audience.

Auditing and Reporting

SEO auditing is crucial to evaluate the strength of your website and find the issues in it. We offer SEO auditing and reporting services to let our clients know the strength and flaws of their websites so that they can rectify the shortcomings and grow their business fast.

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Why SEO Is Important To Grow A Business

You have opened a shop at the remotest place of a town. But you are unwilling to market it. So, how would people know about your shop? They will, naturally, go to the shops situated at the heart of the town. Despite offering a great discount and quality products or service, your business will run…

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